MagPi - Τεύχος 82 - Το περιοδικό για το Raspberry Pi

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Προσθέστε στην παραγγελία σας ή παραγγείλτε μεμονομένα το MagPi με δωρεάν μεταφορικά απο το nettop(τα μεταφορικά αφαιρούντε από το καλάθι σας)

Learn to code with Scratch and Python in this month’s edition of The MagPi.

Scratch and Python tag-team in the world of computing education. Scratch makes it easy to grasp the coding basics in a colourful interface; Python is an ultra-modern language: easy to pick up and powerful enough to make you a coding master.

Sean McManus is a prolific author of coding books. This month he’s going to show our readers how to code a Raspberry Pi.

Plus! All this inside The MagPi 82

    Model railway projects
    Put a computer at the heart of your scale-model railway
    Build a Pi Keyring
    Carry your Pi around with this 3D printed keyring computer project
    Yuri 3 Mars Rover
    Authentically recreating a space robot with Raspberry Pi
    Make a Marauder’s Map
    Use Raspberry Pi Zero to build beacons and track movement
    Add NeoPixel lighting to a display case
    Light up your collectables with this stunning LED system
    The best AI learning resources
    Get to grips with artificial intelligence with these guides
    The top 10 health projects
    Raspberry Pi making a difference in the world
    Plus! Win 1 of 10 JAM Hats
    Pick up a Raspberry Pi starter accessory


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