Arduboy FX - Open Source Card-Sized Gaming Board

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 Arduboy FX - Open Source Card-Sized Gaming Board


  •     Pre-load new flash expansion chip: enjoy Arduboy FX without PC configuration!
  •     Powerful Processor: ATmega32u4 (same as Arduino Leonardo & Micro), 32KB Flash, 2.5KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
  •     Convenient I/O: 6 Momentary Tactile Buttons, 128×64 1-bit OLED, 4 Ch. Piezo Speaker & Blinky LED
  •     6-hour battery: 180 mAh Thin-Film Lithium Polymer
  •     Flexible compatibility: Arduino IDE compatible, Arduboy Game Loader, GCC & AVRDude

What is Arduboy?

Arduboy is a miniature game system the size of a credit card. It comes installed with a classic 8-bit game and can be reprogrammed from a library of open source games available online. Arduboy is open source so you can learn to code and create your own games.

What is Arduboy FX?

Arduboy FX is an upgraded version from the standard Arduboy that includes a flash memory chip that stores all 250+ Arduboy games on board! No need to use a PC to switch between games.

When you turn your Arduboy FX on you will be greeted with a boot menu that you can either load up the most recent game or flash one of hundreds of other games in only a few seconds. The menu is organized into categories and sorted by popularity. Your favorite games on top and hidden gems to discover below.


Open Sourced Gaming!

Games for the Arduboy are made by users! Anyone can create and publish games with a friendly and active community of developers online! Check out some of the community’s favorite games below!

Every game published on Arduboy Arcade is free, open-source and available to be edited. There are now approximately 100+ games, tutorials and other fun codes online on the community site, and many more are added every week by the Arduboy community.

Start to Play!

Using the Arduboy FX for the first time is easy! No need for a PC with an internet connection and a Micro-USB Cable anymore! Follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to get started with your Arduboy!


  • Processor: ATmega32u4 (same as Arduino Leonardo & Micro)
  • Memory: 32KB Flash, 2.5KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
  • Inputs: 6 Momentary Tactile Buttons
  • Outputs: 128×64 1Bit OLED, 4 Ch. Piezo Speaker & Blinky LED
  • Battery: 180 mAh Thin-Film Lithium Polymer
  • Connectivity: Micro-USB 2.0 w/ built-in HID profile
  • Programming: Arduino IDE, Arduboy Game Loader, GCC & AVRDude

A polycarbonate front, ultra-thin circuit board, and stamped metal back is the ultimate combination to enjoy retro gaming. A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provides over 8 hours of battery life, and the same data cable you use to charge can be used to upload new games!

They like Arduboy!

  •  “finally learn how to code with languages like C++ using included tutorials..” - Gizmodo
  •  “Even better, it's a completely open platform, powered by Arduino.” - Popular Mechanics
  •  “Arduboy is about more than a clever little handheld, though. It’s also about creating a fun, open gaming ecosystem." - Geek
  •  “When you mix nostalgia, an Arduino, and a low price point, you get the credit-card-sized Arduboy.” - Engadget
  •  “Ideally, Arduboy could be a sort of gateway into a wider world of programming.” - Huffington Post
  •  “allowing users to make all of their 8-bit dreams come true.” - Tech Times

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