Inverter Speed Regulator LA42DWQ-22 10K 22mm Aperture Potentiometer

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Inverter Speed Regulator LA42DWQ-22 10K 22mm Aperture Potentiometer


brand name tayee  
model number: LA42DWQ  
Resistance: 10K ohms  
Rated Power:      0.5w  
Max voltage: AC600V  
Mounting size:      22mm  
Type:     Trimming  
Maximum Installing Height: <2000m  
Temperature:  -25℃~+60℃  
Life:   1000,000times    
Color: Black  


10k potentiometer

Specifications :

1.Protection level IP65

2.Flame retardant level V0


4.Pollution level: 3rd Class


LA42DWQ 10 potentiometer

1. Hole size Ø22.3mm

2.Colors: black

3. Round, square or rectangular head. Ornament processed with internationally popular matte metallic color. The keys' surface is covered with bright and eye-catching colors achieved with special processing technology treatment. No wear or discoloration after long-term use.

4. Complete varieties and specifications
5. Safe and reliable housing of imported nylon.  Flame retardant level V0.

6. The unique waterproof LA42 series button ensures an IP65 protection level. Waterproof and dustproof. Even a protection level of IP67 with the hood.

7. High contact reliability and simple maintenance with the modular structure of the contact module of the LA42 series button. You can replace all the components at the back of the panel simply using a screw driver.Current up to 10A with silver-copper composite contact


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