SN74LS00N NAND Gate 4-Element 2-IN Bipolar 14-Pin PDIP

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SN74LS00N NAND Gate 4-Element 2-IN Bipolar 14-Pin PDIP

SN74LS00N is a quad 2-input NAND gate IC. It has four independent NAND gates, each of which performs the logic NAND function. Each gate has two inputs and one output. The outputs are open-collector and require external pull-up resistors. Features: Low power consumption High noise immunity High speed operation High output current capability Low input current Applications: The SN74LS00N is used in applications such as logic gates, flip-flops, counters, and shift registers. It is also used in digital logic circuits, such as multiplexers, decoders, and encoders. (For reference only)



Logic Family LS
Logic Function NAND
Number of Elements per Chip 4
Number of Element Inputs 2-IN
Number of Output Enables per Element 0
Number of Selection Inputs per Element 0
Number of Element Outputs 1
Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL (ns) 15@5V
Absolute Propagation Delay Time (ns) 15
Process Technology Bipolar
Output Type Push-Pull
Maximum Low Level Output Current (mA) 8
Maximum High Level Output Current (mA) -0.4
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 4.75
Typical Operating Supply Voltage (V) 5
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 5.25
Propagation Delay Test Condition (pF) 15
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) 0
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 70

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