SN74HC125N Buffer/Line Driver 4-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 14-Pin PDIP Tube

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SN74HC125N Buffer/Line Driver 4-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 14-Pin PDIP Tube

Buffer uses a neat 14-DIP (0.300, 7.62mm) package. This logic IC uses the Tube external packaging. This digital buffer is available in the Through Hole mount. This is a typical Buffer, Non-Inverting logic integrated circuit that sees a broad field of applications. This network transceiver is fed with a supply voltage of 2V~6V. This automotive buffer is qualified to operate within the ambient temperature of -40°C~85°C TA. The high and low logic state output current of It is 7.8mA 7.8mA. Digital buffer can deal with 3-State output (s). It is one of the 74HC series transceivers. 14 terminations with different functions. It reuqires a supply voltage of 5V. This electronic component belongs to the HC/UH family. 14 pins are set with the electrical part. It is suitable for Through Hole applications. It has 14 pins. Enhanced with 2 ports. The network transceiver employs 1 bits for each element. You can search 74HC125 for other related electronic component. In quiescent state, the electronic component uses 8μA. It is recommended to use a 2/6V power supply. To run the part safely and stably in a circuit, 5V recommends users apply 5V on the lectronic component. To supply the digital buffer, a minimum voltage of 2V is a must. This network transceiver has 4 channels for high quality communication. It is able to output 4 signal lines. The typical output current of the electrical component is measured 7.8mA. ENABLE LOW control technology starts up the logical driver.




Logic Family HC
Logic Function Buffer/Line Driver
Number of Elements per Chip 4
Number of Channels per Chip 4
Number of Inputs per Chip 4
Number of Input Enables per Chip 0
Number of Outputs per Chip 4
Number of Output Enables per Chip 4 Low
Bus Hold No
Polarity Non-Inverting
Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL (ns) 150 2V | 30 4.5V | 25 6V
Absolute Propagation Delay Time (ns) 225
Process Technology CMOS
Input Signal Type Single-Ended
Output Type 3-State
Maximum Low Level Output Current (mA) 7.8
Maximum High Level Output Current (mA) -7.8
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 2
Typical Operating Supply Voltage (V) 5
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 6
Maximum Quiescent Current (uA) 8
Propagation Delay Test Condition (pF) 150
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 85

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