SG3525A Voltage Mode PWM Controller 500mA 400kHz 16-Pin PDIP Tube

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SG3525A Voltage Mode PWM Controller 500mA 400kHz 16-Pin PDIP Tube

When employed in the design of all types of switching power supplies, the SG3525AN is a regulating pulse width modulator IC that is designed to deliver increased performance and reduced external parts count. The on-chip 5.1V reference is cut to 1%, and the error amplifier's input common-mode range covers the reference voltage, removing the need for additional resistors. Between the CT and the discharge terminals, a single resistor allows for a wide range of dead time adjustment. This gadget also includes soft-start circuitry, requiring only an external timing capacitor. With pulsed shutdown, a shutdown terminal controls both the soft-start circuitry and the output stages, allowing for fast turn-off via the PWM latch as well as soft-start recycle with longer shutdown orders.



Type Voltage Mode PWM Controller
Control Method Voltage
Number of PWM Outputs 1
Switching Frequency (kHz) 400(Min)
Maximum Duty Cycle (%) 49(Typ)
Rise Time (ns) 100
Output Current (mA) 500(Max)
Fall Time (ns) 50
Operating Supply Voltage (V) 8 to 35
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 8
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 35
Maximum Supply Current (mA) 20
Maximum Power Dissipation (mW) 1000
Adjustable Output No
On/Off Pin No
Synchronous Pin Yes
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) 0
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 70

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