MCP602-I/P Op Amp Dual Low Power Amplifier R-R O/P 6V Automotive AEC-Q100 8-Pin PDIP Tube

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MCP602-I/P Op Amp Dual Low Power Amplifier R-R O/P 6V Automotive AEC-Q100 8-Pin PDIP Tube

The MCP602-I/SN low-power operational amplifier (op amp) is offered in dual configurations. The op amp utilizes an advanced CMOS technology that provides low bias current, highspeed operation, high open-loop gain, and rail-to-rail output swing. This product offering operates with a single supply voltage that can be as low as 2.7V, while drawing 230 μA (typical) of quiescent current per amplifier. These MCP602-I/SN is appropriate for low power, battery operated circuits due to the low quiescent current, for A/D convert driver amplifiers because of their wide bandwidth or for anti-aliasing filters by virtue of their low input bias current. It is available in standard 8-lead PDIP, SOIC, and TSSOP packages.



Type Low Power Amplifier
Manufacturer Type Low Power Amplifier
Number of Channels per Chip 2
Rail to Rail Rail to Rail Output
Process Technology CMOS
Output Type CMOS
Maximum Input Offset Voltage (mV) 2 @ 5.5V
Minimum Single Supply Voltage (V) 2.7
Maximum Single Supply Voltage (V) 6
Maximum Input Offset Current (uA) 0.000001(Typ)@5.5V
Typical Input Bias Current (uA) 0.000001 @ 5.5V
Maximum Input Bias Current (uA) 0.00006 @ 5.5V@85C
Maximum Quiescent Current (mA) 0.65 @ 5.5V
Typical Output Current (mA) 30(Max)
Power Supply Type Single
Typical Slew Rate (V/us) 2.3 @ 5.5V
Typical Input Noise Voltage Density (nV/rtHz) 29 @ 5.5V
Typical Voltage Gain (dB) 115
Typical Noninverting Input Current Noise Density (pA/rtHz) 0.0006 @ 5.5V
Minimum PSRR (dB) 80
Minimum CMRR (dB) 75
Minimum CMRR Range (dB) 75 to 80
Typical Gain Bandwidth Product (MHz) 2.8
Typical Settling Time (ns) 4500
Shut Down Support No
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 85


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