JRC4558 Dual Operational Amplifier

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JRC4558 Dual Operational Amplifier

The JRC4558 is a high performance monolithic dual operational amplifier. JRC4558 internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon chip. The high voltage gain (100 dB typ.), good input impedance (5 MΩ typ.) and versatile power supply (± 4 to 18 Volts) make it perfect to fit in pedal circuit designs.



  • The range of supply voltage of a JRC4558 is ±5V to ±15V.
  • The bandwidth is 3MHz.
  • The internal circuit requires two operational amplifiers.
  • It is an 8-pin integrated circuit.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 70°C.
  • The minimum operating temperature is 0°C.
  • Its slew rate is 1.7V/microseconds.
  • It is manufactured in 8-pin SOP and DIP packages.
  • No requirement of frequency compensation.
  • No latch-up.
  • Differential voltage range and large common mode.
  • Provides tracking of a parameter over the specified temperature range.
  • Phase and gain match between the amplifiers.
  • Low noise input transistors.
  • Compatible with LM358 or MC1458



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