10 Segment Light Bar Digital Tube Red - 20pins

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10 Segment Light Bar Digital Tube Red - 20pins

Make a small linear display with a glowing red color using this elegant LED bargraph. It is quite visible but not so large it wont plug into a breadboard! 10 LEDs are contained in the plastic body. This display is bright, beautiful and funky with nice diffused rectangular lenses for a striking look.

There are 10 pins on either side of the DIP package 10 segment red light bar in which each pair on opposite sides can be considered as a pair of cathode and anode. You need to supply anode with a positive voltage and connect the cathode to GND to light up that red LED and similarly you need to continue the process for others as well.

LED Bar Graph Specifications

  • 10 Separately Controlled LED's
  • High Brightness, High Intensity Red Output
  • Ideal for Meter Displays
  • Economically priced
  • Easy to Mount
  • LED Size: 2 x 5 mm



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