TLC5615 10 Bits Digital to Analog Conversion Module

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TLC5615 10 Bit Serial DAC Digital to Analog Converter Board TL431 IC 5V Conversion Module

      Onboard TLC5615 chip, TLC5615 is a digital-to-analog converter with a serial interface, its output is a voltage type, the maximum output voltage is twice the reference voltage value, with a power-on reset function, the performance is better than the early current type output DAC is better, only need 3 serial buses to complete the serial input of 10-bit data, easy to interface with industry standard microprocessor or microcontroller (microcontroller).

Product Parameter:
1. Onboard TL431 voltage reference chip can also be connected to external reference voltage
2. All the pins of the chip have been drawn out and can be controlled by the single-chip microcomputer
3. Working voltage: 5V

Interface specification:


Schematic diagram:

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