SYD1230 12mm 650nm 5mW Red Point Cross Module

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SYD1230 12mm 650nm 5mW Red Point Cross Module

This Laser diode module is very efficient and useful for your electronic project. It is suitable for 3V-5V 5mW standard, with 6mm outside diameter. It can be used to connect diode tubes for multiple uses. The SYD1230 12mm 650nm 5mW Red Point Laser Sensor Module is a laser module that produces a 650nm red laser beam. It is a small, compact module that may be readily integrated into a range of applications. The laser module has a diameter of 12mm and a maximum power output of 5mW.

The module typically includes a laser diode, a collimating lens, and a driver circuit that controls the power and modulation of the laser. The collimating lens is used to focus the laser beam into a small, intense point.


Specifications :

Red cross line laser tube, laser module
Diameter: 12MM
Weight: 13.5g
Long: 36MM
Power: 5MW
Voltage: DC3V-6V
Current: 25-50MA

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