HX1838 Infrared Remote Control Receiving Module KY-022

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HX1838 Infrared Remote Control Receiving Module KY-022

IR receiver module uses a 1838 infrared receiver

This is a universal type, with steel, bendable legs,

Size: 6.4 * 7.4 * 5.1MM, receiving angle 90 °, the working voltage 2.7-5.5V.

Frequency 37.9KHZ, receiving distance 18 m. Using inner and outer double-shielded package structure,

Anti-light, electromagnetic interference capability, built-in infrared dedicated IC, can work under 500LUX light intensity.

Widely used: stereo, TV, VCR, disc players, set-top boxes, digital photo frames, household appliances car audio, remote control toys, satellite receivers, hard disk player, air conditioners, heaters, fans, lighting, etc.

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