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XH-M510 TDA7498 DC14-32V High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board

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XH-M510 TDA7498 DC14-32V High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board

Build your own DIY music system with XH-M510 TDA7498 DC14-32V High Power Digital Class D Power Amplifier Board to create power 200 watts of sound output.

This amplifier comes with 4 different levels of gain adjustment (21.6dB,27.6dB,31.1dB,33.1dB) to choose the best-suited gain output to your speakers. The module has two stereo channel output with 100w output per channel.  It uses differential input to reduce common-mode noise significantly and additionally it has the pattern of the fault and silent mode With intelligent protection function and overheating protection function.


Model: XH-M510
Size(approx): 9.4*6.2*2.5cm
Switching frequency: 360KHz
Signal to noise ratio: 110db
Output power: 100W*2
Output resistance: 4-8Ω
Line type: D types
Chip: TDA7498
Harmonic distortion: Po=1W/0.05%
Frequency response range: 18-100KHZ
Input voltage: DC15-32V
Output power: 100w+100w (VCC+32V,RL=4ohm,THD=10%
Wide: 14-30v signal power supply
Level 4 optional: (21.6dB,27.6dB,31.1dB,33.1dB)

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