MOTION:BIT Robotics Expansion Board for micro:bit

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MOTION:BIT Robotics Expansion Board for micro:bit


Looking for a suitable micro:bit expansion board to build a robot with DC Motors and Servo Motors?

Introducing the new member to our family - MOTION:BIT.


This is a brainchild of makerspace.UTHMCytron Technologies, in collaboration with ISOBOT and Elvira Systems.

Program your MOTION:BIT with Microsoft MakeCode Editor graphical programming interface. Just install MOTION:BIT MakeCode Extension and you may start to code your projects. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the block programming mode; simply drag, drop & snap the coding blocks together. For more advanced users, you can easily switch into JavaScript or Python mode on MakeCode Editor for text-based programming.

Get your own MOTION:BIT and have fun building your special projects now!

Warranty Period: 12 months

Board Layout

  • 11x GPIO Status LEDs
  • 11x GPIOs Breakout
  • 3x Maker Ports - general (JST-SH 4-Ways Connector)
  • 1x Maker Port - I2C
  • 1x I2C Breakout
  • 1x micro:bit Socket (vertical)
  • 4x Motor Terminals
  • 8x Motor Test Buttons
  • 8x Motor Status LEDs
  • 8x Servos Port
  • 2x RGB LEDs
  • 1x Ext. RGB LED
  • 6x 5V Supply
  • 1x 18650 Li-Ion Battery Holder
  • 1x On/Off Switch
  • 1x Ext. On/Off Switch
  • 1x Micro USB
  • 1x Power Input
  • 1x Power/Charge LED



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