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Arduino RC522 RFID module 1set with white and blue card

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Arduino RC522 RFID module 1set with white and blue card

This is based on RF module RC522 near field communication module.
Its working frequency is 13.56MHz and you can read and write a 13.56MHz tag with this module.


- Standard shield interface, perfectly compatible with Arduino UNO / MEGA2560.
- Very easy to use with the library for Arduino: RFIDMaster.
- Operating voltage: 4.5~5.2V.
- Interface logic level: Onboard level converter chip, compatible with 3.3V / 5V.
- Operating current: 13-~26mA.
- Idle current: 10~13mA.
- Sleep current: <80uA.
- Peak current: <50mA.
- Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz.
- Supported card types: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70 MIFARE Ultralight, mifare Pro, MIFARE DESFire.
- Data transfer rate: maximum 10Mbit/s.
- Application: Smart home project, Voice broadcast access control system, Attendance punch card system.

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