Aluminum Metal Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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Aluminum Metal Case for Raspberry Pi 4

This stylish metal case not only looks the part, it also offers a host of helpful features to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B safe, cool and accessible.

Made from precision-cut aluminium alloy and anodised in your choice of black or silver finishes, this really is one of the smartest and subtle cases we offer. The smooth straight lines will work well in any maker environment – be it a bedroom, school, garage or workplace.

The aluminium body naturally dissipates heat from all directions, helping to keep every component of your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B  cool. To support this cooling, the case features ventilated upper and lower panels to allow good airflow through the case, and has enough space to accommodate our range of heatsink options.

The tough anodised aluminium body is perfect for keeping your Raspberry Pi safe, whether on a desk, in the garage or in an industrial environment. The SD card port is also recessed slightly ensuring no accidental damage can be caused.

Assembly is quick and easy, with just 4 sections to fit together and fixings provided to secure your Raspberry Pi. All of the Raspberry Pi ports are accessible once fitted, including the GPIO (via a 40-pin belt through the side of the case).

The case can accommodate wall/panel mounting via the screw hole cut-outs on the rear panel, allowing flexibility for your specific project.

Tip: For added security, the SD card panel can be mounted upside down, restricting access to the Raspberry Pi micro-SD port.

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