PIco Fan Kit

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The PIco FAN Kit is an Advanced Active Cooling System for the Raspberry Pi ® that can be easy installed on the UPS PIco. It is suitable for all Raspberry Pi® users whose board reaches a high temperature, for whatever reason. There is no need for any additional cabling or Power Supply, as the PIco FAN is directly powered and controlled via UPS PIco supervising circuits.  A small hand work is needed in order to install the PIco FAN, solder an additional temperature sensor, as also the connector for the PIco FAN to the UPS PIco board. All required parts are included in the kit.

The PIco FAN Kit is equipped with an embedded temperature measurement system that continuously checks the Raspberry Pi® PCB temperature with a dedicated sensor and, according to the measured temperature, the micro controller starts, stops, or regulates the rotational speed of the embedded micro-fan.

Thanks to the Special Air Distribution Slots on the UPS PIco PCB , the PIco FAN cools not only the microprocessor on the Raspberry Pi® board but all the heat-generating devices, as well as the whole Raspberry Pi PCB and UPS PIco.

The embedded microcontroller is easily accessible by the user through the I2C interface and allows reading of the measured temperature, setting of temperature threshold, as well as starting/stopping the embedded micro fan. The PIco FAN in ultra low noise.

Το συγκεκριμένο προιόν ειναι πρόσθετο του  UPS PIco και θα πρέπει να προμηθευτείτε και αυτό για την λειτουργία του.
Αποστέλλεται μόνο του μόνο εαν διαθέτετέ το UPS PICO



The list of features of the UPS PIco is as follows:

  • Powered from the J8 (P1) connector of the Raspberry Pi® via UPS PIco
  • PWM FAN speed regulation
  • 1 RED LED based information system (Light Red - hot, Light Red – cold)
  • Full control over the system via I2C interface (The PiCO Interface):
    • Unconditional Fan ON/OFF
    • PWM FAN speed regulation
    • Temperature threshold set/get
    • Current System Temperature read
  • Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit scale
  • Can be used inside of the most of already existing cases RaspberryPi B+ HAT compliant


Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας:

    Micro Fan with cable
    Set of 4 pcs of tree clips required for PIco FAN mounting UPS PIco PCB
    Set of 4 pcs of rubber washers required for the PIco FAN mounting UPS PIco PCB
    TO-92 Temperature sensor
    2mm PCB connector for the FAN

Case Fitment

The PIco FAN is very low profile, placed on the UPS PIco bottom side, so will fit most cases.

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