Intelligent Bluetooth Tracking/ Obstacle Avoidance Car with arduino UNO

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Intelligent Bluetooth Tracking/ Obstacle Avoidance Car with arduino UNO


    (1) Motor parameters: voltage range: 6-9V, the reduction ratio is 48:1.
    (2) The motor control uses the L298N drive module to achieve true isolation from the MCU.
    (3) Three-way infrared tracking sensor combined with three-way tracking module to detect black and white lines with higher precision and can also be used to control anti-drop.
    (4) Infrared remote control module to make intelligent vehicle control system.
    (5) Ultrasonic module manufacturing automobile obstacle avoidance system.
    (6) Colorful LED module combination smart car exercise, tracking, obstacle avoidance control signal indicator.
    (7) Bluetooth wireless module can match Android mobile phone Bluetooth remote control smart car.
    (8) Burn our latest Bluetooth integrated mode code, which can realize simultaneous control of Bluetooth APP and infrared remote control
    Smart car exercise and obstacle avoidance mode, tracking mode, music mode switch function.
    (9) It can access 7~12V external voltage. At the same time, we reserve some I/O interfaces to facilitate secondary development and carry various sensor modules to realize various functions according to your imagination.

Functional mode:

    1. Self-developed Bluetooth APP control
    2.Ultrasonic avoidance obstacle mode car
    3.infrared tracking mode car
    4.infrared remote control mode car
    5.Bluetooth APP control mode car

5-in-1 (infrared tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, music mode, infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote control) multi-function program


Bluetooth mode:

    Open the Arduino UNO CAR APP to connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module.
    After the Bluetooth connection is successful, you can control our car freely through the mobile phone.
    When we press the “1” digital car, we can realize the tracking mode. Press the “2” car.
    To achieve the obstacle avoidance mode, press the “3” car to realize the music mode and also support the infrared remote control.


Infrared remote control mode:
Our car can be controlled by infrared remote control. By pressing the “*” button, the car tracking mode can be realized.
The “#” button can realize the car obstacle avoidance mode.
And the “0” button can realize the car music mode.


Obstacle avoidance mode:
At night, when the car is in the obstacle avoidance mode, the colorful LED(7colors) will turn with the car to achieve a cool effect.
When the car detects the front side’s obstacles distance between the left and right is same,the car is equipped with colorful LEDs and the buzzer sounds at the same time.
When the car detects the left obstacle, the car will turn on the right colorful LED and the car will turn to the right. When the car detects the obstacle on the right side, the car will turn on the left side of the colorful LED, and the car will turn to the left



Tracking mode:
When the car detects a black line on the left side, the car’s colorful LED will flash quickly to indicate the function, and also realize the function of detecting whether the module is normal.



Music mode:
When the music mode is pressed, the active buzzer on the car will sound “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. (Note: Regarding the music mode, you can modify the music you want in the code according to your needs.)




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