P08 ESD Σετ αντιστατικά βουρτσάκια λεπτομερούς καθαρισμού πλακετών

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P08 ESD Σετ αντιστατικά βουρτσάκια λεπτομερούς καθαρισμού πλακετών

Simple structure, small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance

Ground resistance: 10E6-10E8 ohms . It has the good electrical conductivity

Electricity consumption is high efficiency, the main indicators have reached international standards.  

Voltage ≤ 50 volts, corona current is higher 20% or more than ordinary carbon fiber brush.



ESD safe brushes for cleaning sensitive electronics

Great for dusting and detailing delicate and not-so delicate components and parts

Handle material: Plastic

Brush material: Synthenic fiber

ESD safe Anti-Static brushes in assorted sizes.

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