MT3620 Grove Shield

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MT3620 Grove Shield

Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit is a product that uses Microsoft Azure Sphere technology, MT3620 Grove Shield is an add-on breakout board designed for MT3620 Development kit.

Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit comes with four 2.54mm headers for hardware resources extension from MT3620. MT3620 Grove Shield enable users to quickly apply sensors modules - Seeedstudio Groves on MT3620 Development Kit.

Since Azure Sphere SDK has not yet supported ADC and I2C on MT3620, this shield serves as an interface between MT3620 UART port and external I2C devices, like the I2C temperature sensor. The basic function of the shield is to help connect to an external device using I2C. By using an I2C compatible ADC chip, developer can also read the analog data from analog port.

Key Features

  • Master I2C-bus controller with UART interface
  • 12-bit ADC, I2C-compatible serial interface
  • 6 Grove connectors
                1 x UART
                2 x I2C
                1 x Analog
                4 x GPIO

Technical details
Dimensions     50mm x36.5mm x17.8mm
Weight     G.W 36g
Battery     Exclude

Part List
MT3620 Grove Shield     1

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