Grove - 16-Channel PWM Driver (PCA9685)

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Grove - 16-Channel PWM Driver (PCA9685)


  • 1 MHz Fast-mode Plus compatible I2C-bus
  • 6 hardware address pins allow 62 PCA9685 devices to be connected to the same I2C-bus
  • Low standby current
  • Noise filter on SDA/SCL inputs


Based on NXP PCA9685, this is a 16-Channel 12-bit I2C PWM driver. Grove - 16-Channel PWM Driver (PCA9685) can drive up to 16 servos with external power supply. Have you ever felt anxious because of the limited number of development board PWM output interfaces? Then this will help you!

Based on the features of NXP PCA9685, this PWM driver board can well meet the needs of multi-channel PWM projects, such as a hexapod walker. Additionally, you can use this board as a LED controller. You can easily control this driver board through the I2C Grove interface.

  • 6 hardware address pins allow 62 PCA9685 devices to be connected to the same I2C-bus
  • There are 16 groups of Pins(1 - 16) on this board, each group of pins contains one PWM signal pin, one 5V power supply pin and one pin for ground.
  • The 6 selectable address pads on the back of this board, all have 64 optional and individual I2C addresses.

We've Released the Grove Selection Guide and hope to help you find the Grove suit you best.

  • Muilt-channel PWM/Servos driver
  • RGB or RGBA LED driver
  • Robot car

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Grove - 16-Channel PWM Driver (PCA9685)     1
Grove Cable     1

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